Internationalization at Fulda University


This semester Prof. Dr. Janis Priede (University of Latvia) is visiting Fulda University of Applied Sciences for the Summer Semester and teaching courses in Economics.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is ranked very high in terms of Internationalization. In order to support this objective this semester University has invited Prof. Dr. Janis Priede as a guest professor and work with the students in Bachelor and Master level courses in Economics.

Main areas of the research and teaching for Prof. Priede are Markets, Competition, Consumer Behaviour, International Trade and other fields of Economics.

Prof. Dr. Janis Priede is a returning professor and he knows Fulda University very well. The first time he was teaching in Fulda was back in 2014 and he is returning to Fulda every year thru Erasmus or other programs.

Professor Priede holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Latvia. Combines academic knowledge with a broad international experience and perspective, trained at many foreign universities - Columbia University in the City of New York (USA), Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of Iceland (Iceland), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), Aveiro University (Portugal), University of Tartu (Estonia) and Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), and other universities. In 2016, he won the University of Latvia Student Council Award - Professor of the Year. Prof. Priede has an excellent student survey results.