Juggling studies in Fulda with national team-level sport in Namibia

Quelle: Kim Seebach.

Health Promotion student celebrates Bachelor's degree and a silver medal for Namibia.

Born in Windhoek, Namibia, Kim Seebach started studying Health Promotion at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in the winter semester 2016. "There isn't a degree programme with this kind of focus in Namibia so I decided to come to Germany," recalls the now 22-year-old.

Kim not only attended a German school in Windhoek where she gained her Abitur, or university entrance qualification, she was also an active volleyball player, even representing Namibia in the national team. After moving to Fulda, Kim was faced with the double challenge of meeting academic requirements and representing her country in the national team, which – looking back – she tackled in an exemplary way.

She also decided to stay in Germany for her work placement semester, completing an internship with the Thüringer Fachstelle Suchtprävention, an addiction prevention unit. There, she realised: "I was able to make good use of the skills and competencies I'd acquired on my course because I prepared and evaluated a survey on addiction prevention among people with disabilities. The modules Academic Research and Reasoning in Health Sciences, Prevention Areas, Empirical Social Research and Health Promotion Strategies, in particular, helped me meet the demands of the internship."

Thanks to the practical experience she gained in her work placement, Kim had no problems choosing a specialisation module and project in her fifth semester, and she soon decided on a subject for her Bachelor's thesis.

Kim Seebach sums up her experiences as follows: "It wasn't always easy balancing academic demands with representing my country in the national team. Dates sometimes clashed, especially when I was writing my thesis, so I had to be particularly well-organised. But today I'm really glad I took on the challenges and now have two achievements under my belt: a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and a silver medal for Namibia!"

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