Let's talk about Dignified Menstruation!


December 8 is the International Dignified Menstruation Day. #DignifiedMenstruation

What does Dignified Menstruation mean and why should everyone know about it?

Dignified Menstruation is a state that should be granted to all menstruating individuals throughout their lives. This state includes being free from all discrimination related to menstruation. Discrimination based on menstruation exists worldwide and differs only in magnitude and name.

What forms of discrimination do exist in this context?

  • Restrictions in various areas of life, e.g. not being allowed to be touched and touch during menstruation or not being allowed to enter certain places, such as houses of faith
  • Stigmatization through words that cause negative associations, e.g. menstruation is associated with disgust and impurity
  • An inappropriate infrastructure, e.g., no clean and appropriately equipped toilets
  • Inadequate access to information and education about menstruation and menopause, which can lead to unawareness about measures to alleviate symptoms

These are only a few examples of forms of discrimination. The Dignified Menstruation movement considers this discrimination as a violation of human rights, as the dignity of menstruating people is affected. These human rights violations must be prevented, as the effects are diverse and often determine the entire life of a menstruating person. One measure to support Dignified Menstruation to every menstruating person is to raise awareness in the population.

My name is Mirabelle Böhm, and I am an International Health Sciences student in the 7th semester. I am currently completing my internship with the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation in Nepal. Radha Paudel is the founder of the organization and started the Dignified Menstruation movement. She is a nurse, author and activist.

For a long time, I was not aware of the high amount of menstrual discrimination, that exists and that I am affected of as well. As an intern, I have already managed a variety of tasks to make the Dignified Menstruation Day visible. These tasks include creating virtual posters, informational resources, and videos, as well as networking with international organizations working on the issue of menstruation and health. Through these tasks I got a deep insight into the topic and its importance in the context of Global Health.

If you want to use your voice against menstrual discrimination, join us in celebrating the International Day of Dignified Menstruation on December 8, 2021. The day will take place for the third year in a row and it focuses on a different topic in the context of dignified menstruation each year. This year the focus will be on dignified menopause and online lectures will be offered by experts from different countries. You can take action by talking about the topic with friends, family or by getting informed by yourself. Also, you can post on social media on the topic of #DignifiedMenstruation.

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