Lou has returned to Fulda University

Foto: HS-Fulda

"Coming back to Fulda is both a privilege and fun. I’ve watched it significantly grow over the last 5+ years."

Lou’s focus deals with the rapid changes in Lean Innovation as well as Leadership, Motivation, and Communication. He makes extensive use of relevant and practical case studies to help the students become more "street wise" and prepare them for the challenges they will face after graduation. 

Both these topics are increasingly important in all growth oriented geographies. "Using the Lean Innovation approach significantly improves the probability of a successful startup.  This is important as a large majority of startups fail within their first year of operation causing significant financial loss and pain to those involved."

Even if the startup has survived its first year, there are many other challenges to be conquered if it is to survive and grow.  "Knowing how to build a successful organisation takes different skills than in the early days of the startup." These are covered in the Leadership, Motivation, and Communication course.

Lou has over 40 years of multi-national technology and business experience in a variety of roles - from having his own startup to running a US$ 220M multinational organisation covering 24 countries. 

Ten years ago, after moving to Australia, he turned to teaching and sharing what he has learned during his "first career" with his undergraduate and post graduate students. 

He has been recognised for his contributions to student learning at University of Western Sydney and was named as an Associate, School of Business, at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).  He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Corporate Directors.