More full study places for training doctors


In future, 90 students will complete their clinical training in the fourth and fifth year in Fulda.

Through a cooperation between the Philipps University of Marburg, the Fulda Hospital and the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, partial study places will be expanded, creating 185 additional full study places in Marburg. With today's signing of the cooperation agreements for the training of medical students in Fulda, the planning is in its final stage. From the winter semester of 2022/2023, all students who begin their medical studies in the first semester at Philipps-Universität Marburg will also be able to complete them in Hesse. Previously, students with a partial study place had to apply for a study place for the clinical part after completing the pre-clinical part, which was often only possible at another university.

Medical studies in Hesse will become even more attractive

"The expansion of the full study places is a great gain for Philipps-Universität Marburg and the state of Hesse in the training of young doctors. The 185 additional places in Marburg will make studying medicine here in Hesse even more attractive: we increase the likelihood that the doctors will stay with us and will also be able to care for our patients in Hesse at some point," said Minister of Science Angela Dorn. "When the young doctors have completed part of their training in Fulda, some of them will get to know the advantages of living in the region and may want to work here as a family doctor or paediatrician in the future - that would also be a positive effect for medical care in rural areas. Increasing the number of full university places is an important concern for the state government. That is why we are investing almost 41 million euros in the expansion of clinical study places up to and including 2023. From 2024, Philipps-Universität Marburg will even receive 21 million euros annually for this."

Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar, President of Fulda University of Applied Sciences, adds: "Interprofessional cooperation between the health sciences and medicine will become much more important in the future. In this context, the cooperation between the University of Marburg, Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Fulda Hospital sets an example nationwide. Not only will Fulda and the region benefit greatly from this, the innovative project also means a great opportunity to further raise the profile of health sciences at Fulda University of Applied Sciences."

The mayor of Fulda, Dag Wehner, emphasised the importance of the cooperation agreement for the university location of Fulda and the future medical care of the region: "The significance of this day for the city of Fulda as well as for the entire region of North/East Hesse cannot be overestimated. For the first time in more than 200 years, medical students will be able to complete their university education in Fulda. The Fulda University of Applied Sciences will thereby become even more attractive, and in the long term we hope that many of the young doctors will settle in Eastern Hesse.

Cooperation in research will be intensified

In the future, 90 students will complete their clinical training in the fourth and fifth year in Fulda. Fulda Hospital not only has the additional patient capacity needed to train the Marburg medical students, but also provides an entire floor where the prospective doctors will be trained. Another focus is on the expansion of clinical research and health care research at the University Medical Centre Marburg - Campus Fulda.

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