Russian Connection

Foto: Prof. Huth giving a lecture on risk management in logistics
Foto: Dr. Andrey Vasenev (director IT), Prof Dr. Shakhova Irina (deputy dean of the faculty of Economics), Prof. Dr. Michael Huth

Foto:  From left to right: Prof. Dr. Svetlana Syrbue (vice-rector), Prof. Dr. Vladimir Egorov (rector), Prof. Dr. Michael Huth, Dr. Andrey Vasenev (director IT)

Foto: Dr. Nikita Sorokin (director of the international institute for advanced professional educational training), Prof. Dr. Michael Huth

Foto: Building No 1 of Ivanovo State University
Foto: Prof. Huth conducting a workshop on network design
Foto: Prof. Huth with Prof. Dr. Natalia Khoretskaya (vice-dean of the faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology) and Prof. Dr. Ashot Grigoryan (dean)

Prof. Dr. Huth strengthens the link to Russia by visiting Ivanovo State University

The Department of Business has many long-term partnerships with universities
around the world, such as Australia, the USA, and many countries in Europe.
However, there is no connection to a Russian university. Therefore, Prof.
Dr. Michael Huth was happy to accept the invitation from Ivanovo State
University for a guest visit in May 2018. Ivanovo, with a population of more
than 400,000, is located some 350 km in the northeast of Moscow. The city
had been a centre of textile industry in former times, but currently
undergoes a massive structural change due to relocations of textile
production plants.
The connection between Fulda University and Ivanovo State University has
been built on academic staff exchanges in the past, when Dr. Andrey Vasenev,
now director of IT at Ivanovo State University, visited Fulda University for
teaching and research purposes.

During his five-day visit, Prof. Huth held a lecture on risk management in
supply chains, conducted a workshop on network design in systems catering,
and talked with students of English and German about the system of higher
education in Germany. Besides the teaching activities, Prof. Huth met the
rector of the University, Prof. Dr.  Vladimir Egorov, the vice-rector, Prof.
Dr. Svetlana Syrbue, and other representatives of the University to evaluate
options for a stronger collaboration. Returning from Russia with many
positive impressions, Prof. Huth summarizes: “Ivanovo State University gave
me a warm welcome, and is interested in a cooperation; let’s work on the
next steps.”