Struggles for Hope: Negotiating the Future in Times of Global Crises

Call for Contributions: Stuggles of Hope. A workshop organised by the Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Sciences

Call for Contributions: We invite early career researchers to our workshop on collective future imaginations, societal hopes, and future-making practices.

The workshop will explore the diversity of visions and practices of future-making in the global, multifaceted crisis of capitalist modernity. We seek to illuminate social contestations over collective futures: What kind of future is likely, what is desirable, what are possible ways to shape tomorrow’s society? What are people’s hopes, fears, ideas and strategies for a social transformation? The workshop promotes the exchange between research on everyday future-relations of nonactivist populations and utopian thinking and prefigurative practices of social movements.

We are also planning a publication that will take up the workshop discussions. If interested, participants will be invited to propose an article.

  • When? 7 & 8 April 2022
  • Deadline for abstracts: 30 November 2021
  • Where? We hope for an on-site event at the Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Sciences. Yet, if the pandemic does not allow to meet in person, it will be an online event. If individual participants are not able to travel, a hybrid form is possible.
  • Costs? No fees. We are applying for funding.

Contact us if you need support for travel & accommodation or in case of any questions:


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