Study project "Gender Based Violence and Migration"


Foto: Shingi Rice on Unsplash

"Gender Based Violence and Migration"- This is the name of the study project in the study programme International Health Sciences. The students created a website that aims to provide queer refugees and health care workers with information about mental health and treatment options in Germany.

Queer refugees are at high risk of mental illness. Appropriate treatment in a safe and trustworthy environment is therefore crucial for their support. Due to the large gap in the German health care system in terms of culturally sensitive and easily accessible (psychological) health services for “queer” refugees, it is important that family doctors, psychotherapists and other personnel in this field are made aware of the situation and find out about culturally sensitive services. A group of students in the study program international health sciences were part of the study project ‘"Gender Based Violence and Migration" in the past winter semester and worked on addressing the problem of inaccessible mental health care services for queer refugees in Germany. The group created a website to raise awareness and provide information for affected individuals, providing contact points and health professionals in their area, definitions of mental health disorders, and general information about this topic. The website also includes guidelines and important facts for interested health professionals.

Here you can access the website