Virtual Reality in China


Professor Jinyuan Jia berichtete beim GI VR/AR Workshop 2019 von den Entwicklungen VR/AR in China.

Heavy data volumes, slow transmission, low visual effect and slow rendering have been three major bottlenecks for network based visualization of 3D big data. Prof. Dr. Jinyuan Jia proposes lightweight 3D pre-processing to find repetitive components, progressive streaming of non-repetitive structures and generation of fine-grained data to suit mobile Internet. By integrating these three key technologies together, a new framework of lightweight Web3D has been established and a new lightweight Web3D engine is developing. He will give demos to provide evidence for solving three bottleneck problems of Web3D big data, explaining why solving these will help push Web3D graphics in fundamental ways, and provides some steps forward.

In Addition, he will present the current progress in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality in China.

Jinyuan Jia is Professor in School of Software Engineering and Director of Smart3D Media Lab, Tongji University. Also, he has two adjunct positions as Dean of VR School and Director of SmartVR Research Center in Jilin Animation Institute, His research is focus on Web3D key technologies including lightweight 3D modelling, progressive P2P transmission of large Web3D, cloud baking based lightweight Web3D rendering with global illumination. His team proposed a lightweight solution to online visualization of Web3D big data over mobile Internet and developed some WebVR/WebGame/WebBIM demonstrative projects. That attracted wide attention and cooperation from many industrial companies. Ten patents of his team have been bought by Companies. His team has published 50 papers in SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR, ICCV, SIGSIM, TOG, CGF, TOMM, WWWJ, Graphical Models, MTAP, TVC, CAVW, PRL, NCA and many others.