13.12.2021 — 14:00

Changes in the migration policies of Central Asian states. Openness and restrictions in migration fields since 1991


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Von und mit Dr. Farkhad Alimukhamedov (Sciences Po Toulouse), DAAD geförderte Gastprofessur "Global Studies"

There are a growing number of measurement tools related to state migration policy. The majority of them, however, are primarily focused on OECD states due to data availability. The purpose of this presentation is to situate Central Asian counties in a comparable manner with respect to their migration policies. By observing state policies in relation to different migration areas through time. Therefore, this study follows the changes in the six migration areas from 1991 to 2018.

Anmeldung: farkhadalimukhamedov(at)gmail.com

Dr. Farkhad Alimukhamedov, farkhadalimukhamedov(at)gmail.com
Ort wird zeitnah bekannt gegeben