23.11.2021 — 16:00 bis 18:00Uhr

Doctoral Colloquium: Globalisation and Development Studies


By and with Prof. Dr. Eva Gerharz

In this colloquium, we will discuss the ongoing research of the doctoral students with a focus on social, economic and political processes mainly in the Global South. Based on the individual projects, we will discuss the different stages of the PhD project, including state of the art and preparation of field work, the challenges occuring during empirical research, data analysis and interpretation. We will also talk about how to structure the thesis, how to write up data and how to manage tine constraits.

Registration: eva.gerharz(at)sk.hs-fulda.de

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Prof. Dr. Eva Gerharz, eva.gerharz(at)sk.hs-fulda.de
Hochschule Fulda