Introductory day Campus Fulda

Welcome to Campus Fulda!

Dear Master students of the European programme Sustainable Food Systems (Susfoods)

As Susfoods students in Germany you will study at two "mother universities": Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Kassel University. For a smooth start of your studies at the universities we organize introductory days for you at both campuses. Please find below the agenda of your introduction day at Campus Fulda - 11. October 2017 (programme of the whole induction week - campus Fulda and Witzenhausen - download here)

Status: 5. September 2017 - subject to changes

Introduction day Campus Fulda - Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

Pick-up at train station Fulda by Paula Kuchheuser (student tutor)
11.00Welcome address
Prof. Dr. Jana Rückert-John - Dean of the Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences
40 (A) 203
Introduction by the Support Team - Campus Fulda
Ms Helga Keil (programme coordinator)
Ms Michaela Hartung (Assistant)
Ms Claire Holch (International Affairs)
Ms Paula Kuchheuser (Student tutor)
40 (A) 203
11.30 Registration and enrolment at Campus Fulda
Allow some time to initialize your student card
12.00Welcome of the International Office, Campus Fulda and introduction to the services
Gesa Pusch-Thomas, Incoming student advisor and
Aïcha Bah-Diallo, Career Service International Students
40 (A) 203
12.30Lunch breakstudent canteen
13.30Introduction to IT Services and e-learning platform Fulda (moodle)
Helga Keil
20 (N) 019
14.00Introduction to the lab facilities at Campus Fulda Interaction and usability lab / Sensory Science and Consumer Research Lab: Sensory Evaluation and Eye tracking
Claudia Huth and Dominik Rupprecht
building 46, room 334 and 234
~15.00City walk to the baroque city center Fulda
Helga Keil and Claire Holch

Introduction to the library system Campus Fulda, Monday Oct 23, 2017

12.00 - 13.00Introduction to the library system library, Campus Fulda


Welcome Committee Campus Fulda