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International Business & Management B.Sc.

Thank you very much for your interest in our Bachelor's programme in International Business & Management.

Read on for an overview of the study programme, admission requirements and information about the programme structure.

If you have any further questions about the study programme, please do not hestitate to contact us.


"Hello, my name is Mayowa and I study International Business and Management. I was looking for an exclusively English-language degree programme in business administration and wanted to specialise in management. Especially in a globalised world, interculturality also plays an important role. I found all of this at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. The lecturers are all very competent and have a lot of practical experience, which they teach on to us. I feel very comfortable at the modern and international campus. I can absolutely recommend the degree programme."

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Important points about the programme

Study programme

Programme name and degreeInternational Business & Management
Bachelor of Science
Target groupThis programme is the right course for high school graduates who are interested in business and economic aspects, love learning languages and want to pursue an international career
GoalStudents will receive a sound education in the most important sub-disciplines of business administration and economics. In later semesters, the programme specialises in management. Students will also acquire basic language skills in a second language (Spanish or French; German if you are not a German native-speaker). This combination will allow you to start a career in an innovative and global business environment.
StartEach semester
Standard durationSeven semesters
Teaching methodsSeminars (combination of lectures and practical sessions), case studies, presentations, discussions, role plays, simulations, e-learning and video conferences - consistently with a practical and international focus
Language of instructionEnglish
LecturersProfessors, external lecturers and (international) guest speakers
AccreditationFull accreditation by AQAS


Profile and objectives

We all live in a world with globalised markets. In order to successfully compete in these markets, companies of all sizes need people who not only have a sound knowledge of business and management principles, but are also equipped to multi-national environments where intercultural and language competencies are of utmost importance.


These needs are addressed through this programme which combines business education with language skills and fosters an international climate that enables future careers.


This programme is meant for high school graduates who want to lay the right foundations for an international career by


  • obtaining in-depth knowledge of the most important disciplines of business administration,
  • specialising in management,
  • studying exclusively in English, and
  • developing skills in a second language.


Contents and structure

Curriculum-International Business & Management (B.Sc.)

1. Semester2. Semester3. Semester4. Semester
Mathematics 1Mathematics 2MicroeconomicsMacroeconomics
Introduction to Economics & ResearchStatisticsInternational Business Law 1International Business Law 2
Introduction to Business 1Introduction to Business 2Digital BusinessHuman Resources & Oragn. Behaviour
Financial AccountingFinancial ReportingCost AccountingManagement Accounting
Business EnglishBusiness CommunicationsAcademic Reading & WritingCorporate Finance
intercultural CommunicationSpanish/French for Business 1Spanish/French for Business 2Spanish/French for Business 3
5. Semester6. Semester7. Semester
Study Abroad or Internship Abroad             Case Study 1Case Study 2
International Strategic Management 
Business SimulationEntrepreneurship
Supply Chain Management  Corp. Govern. & Corp. Social Responsibility
TaxationBachelor's Thesis
  • The programme is exclusively taught in English. Dedicated courses allow you to improve your English language capabilities.
  • You will also acquire basic, business-oriented skills in an additional language. You have a choice between French, Spanish, and – if you are not a German native-speaker – German.
  • The first four semesters will introduce you to the most important sub-disciplines of business administration and economics and cover auxiliary subjects like quantitative methods or law. These semesters also include all of the language modules.
  • During semester five, you will gain experience, abroad. You are welcome to study at one of our partner universities or at a university of your choice. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to do an internship at a company in a foreign country.
  • Back in Germany, the programme focuses on the specialisation in management including a comprehensive case study, where you will work on innovative projects. This experience together with a business simulation, will provide a unique set of challenges to help you to develop holistic managerial skills.
  • The programme concludes with a bachelor’s thesis.


Admission requirements

You can start the programme in International Business and Management in each semester. 40 eligible applicants will be accepted. Up to 50% of registrations are reserved for international applicants.

You are eligible for the study programme if you have a university entrance qualification. These qualifications include the general university entrance qualification awarded to secondary school graduates, a subject-related qualification granting admission to a university or a university of applied sciences, a master craftsman certificate or an equivalent professional qualification.

You also need to have sufficient knowledge of English to enable you to understand lectures and subject material: Applicants must have English skills equivalent to at least B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students whose native language is English are exempt from meeting this requirement. 

German language skills are not required for this particular programme. However, we strongly recommend you have basic German language skills or are willing to acquire German language skills while studying the programme. This will help you in your day-to-day errands outside the university, for example.

More about language skills you can find here

Internships abroad/Studies abroad/Erasmus

Internships abroad

All students are required to complete an internship in the practical phase of the programme or to spend a period of study abroad. The internationally oriented internship lasts six months and is arranged at a company or organisation in a country where a foreign language is spoken. Students are expected to work the standard hours of a full-time employee. If you need help to find an internship abroad, please contact Ms Martina Langsch (Internships).

Your internship abroad will be supervised by a professor and involves a term paper and either a presentation or a report. You will have fulfilled the internship requirements once the company or organisation issues a certificate of completion, and if you have submitted the required term paper and presentation/report on time. Details are provided in Annex 3 (Internship Regulations) of the Examination Regulations.

Please contact Ms Martina Langsch (Internships) if you have any questions.


Studies abroad

The semester abroad is an integral part of the study programme in International Business Administration.

You can study at a partner university or look for a university yourself. Alternatively, you can do an internship abroad or in Germany (see above). Your studies abroad will offer you many opportunities to deepen your theoretical knowledge and to strengthen your intercultural competence.

At the beginning of the second semester, you will be given basic information about the options for studying abroad, e.g. where you can study and which support and programmes are available for you.The Department of Business has partnerships with universities in Europe, the USA and Australia. There are also well-established partnerships with Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the German federal State of Hesse.

While studying abroad, you will earn at least 20 credit points by completing at least four modules in Business Administration.

Within the study programme double degree options are available. Please follow this link for further information on them, Erasmus+ and International options.

Please direct questions about your studies abroad to our International Coordinator or the Team at the International Office.

Instruction and instructors

The high quality of this study programme stems from the organisational framework and appropriate study conditions combined with didactic skills of our experienced educators. Our team consists of professors as well as highly qualified staff and external lecturers.  We communicate pertinent knowledge and expertise derived from actual practice - and we do so with enthusiasm. We are application-oriented and have a global focus. You will benefit from our years of practical experience. We also introduce you to the techniques of academic writing, thereby enabling you to complete your semester/project papers and the bachelor’s thesis in accordance with academic standards.  

Tuition sessions at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences are usually seminar-style, a combination of lectures and practical exercises. We favour an active exchange between teachers and students and encourage you to be actively involved in the learning process. Under the supervision of the lecturer, you analyse examples and case studies, work with professional and academic articles, perform role plays and solve e-learning problems.

We want to provide you with the tools that you will need to find your way through the international business world and that is why all classes are held in English. You will thus have a valuable opportunity to become familiar with subject-specific terminology in English and to engage in sufficient practice so that you are able express yourself accurately. There are also frequent opportunities to participate in lectures given in English by renowned guest speakers.

Teaching material is placed on the department’s electronic Moodle platform “eFBW“, which is also a platform for communication between students and their professors and instructors.

To ensure that our classes and teaching are evaluated on a regular basis and to enable us to further enhance the quality of our study programme, a standardised questionnaire is handed out toward the end of each semester. All data is treated anonymously.

Excellent career opportunities for graduates

The focus on international business and management aspects and an excellent language education will allow you to start a career in an innovative and global business environment. After first experiences within a real company environment, your education will assist you in pursuing an international career at manager level with budget and people responsibility

Alternatively, you may wish to study for a master‘s degree either at Fulda University of Applied Sciences or at another university. This would be mandatory if you would like to pursue an academic career and seek a doctoral degree, for example.

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